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San Angelo Clubhouse - Homepage

Welcome to the San Angelo Clubhouse

We are not alone

The San Angelo Clubhouse is a program for adults living with mental illness who have a desire to improve the quality of their lives through meaningful work and social relationships. Members of Clubhouse work along with staff to do the clubhouse work. From helping to prepare and serve lunch to social media and marketing, staff and members live, learn and grow together.


Daily and Weekly Zoom Schedule

Monday through Friday

9:00am - Morning Zoom Meeting

1:00pm - Afternoon Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 291 334 2150

Password: clubhouse 


If you want to join us on our zoom meetings download the zoom phone app or go to zoom.us. Click on 'Join A Meeting' and enter the Meeting ID and password. You will then be placed in a waiting room until you are brought into the meeting by the Host.



Cultivation Unit: Plant of the Day

Join us daily as we show what our Cultivation Unit is doing! Our Clubhouse is filled with lots of color, vegetables and fruits! 

Do you like what you see?  Do you like working with all plants as you work on your mental health recovery?  Come to the Clubhouse, take a tour, and consider volunteering in the San Angelo Clubhouse Cultivation Unit!

This Week at the Clubhouse

On Monday, we brought two more plants from the Clubhouse Cultivation Unit to the MHMR Lobby. We are so excited to show the community that perseverence pays, and let others enjoy the plants, as we have for the past several months. 

MHMR Plant 2 6-15-2020
MHMR Plant 1 6-15-2020
Daily Specials


Salmon Fish with Pilaf Rice
Side Salad

  • Peer to Peer 1-2020
  • Salvador 12-2020
  • Maria


The San Angelo Clubhouse is currently a program of MHMR Services of the Concho Valley. It is a member of the growing list of other clubhouses in the state of Texas and therefore a member of Clubhouse Texas. Our clubhouse receives a majority of it’s support from the State of Texas Health and Human Services agency as well as significant support from Methodist Healthcare Ministries.