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Our Goals


Every member has unique needs in their path to independence; education and employment are often central to the recovery process. Learning new skills and adhering to a normalized schedule provide the routine and rewards that our members need to regain their independence and re-acclimate to society. Meaningful employment is an integral part of the recovery process for adults living with mental illness. Through the empowerment of work, members are able to:

•  Gain valuable work experience

•  Build confidence and self-esteem

•  Establish references and contacts


The San Angelo Clubhouse is a place where people can build supportive relationships without experiencing rejection or judgement. In addition to the socialization that accompanies the day-to-day activities at the Clubhouse, our members are invited to attend social outings where they can continue to build relationships outside of the Clubhouse.

Health and Wellness

Physical health has an impact on mental wellness. Research has shown that physically active people have a higher positive self-concept, more self-esteem and more positive “moods” and “affects.” More active people also seem to have a higher perceived ability to perform activities of daily living, physical well-being and other measures related to quality of life. The San Angelo Clubhouse supports physical health and wellness by serving nutritious meals, providing a space for physical exercise, and holding weekly wellness workshops.